History of The Six Bells

The Six Bells at 3 Beaumont Road in Headington Quarry was originally a private house and dates in part from 1782. It was a pub by the early nineteenth century, and was named after the six bells of St Andrew's Church (its parish until 1849).

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In December 1850 the Six Bells is named thus in the Headington Rate-Book and shown as being both owned and occupied by George Coppock, with a gross estimated rental of £10 10s. and a rateable value of £8.

The following appeared in Jackson's Oxford Journal on 8 September 1860

A new license was granted to Mr. George Coppock, of the Six Bells beer-house, at Headington Quarry, in consequence of the great increase in the population of that neighbourhood, a recommendation having been signed by the principal inhabitants of Headington in favour of the applicant, and no opposition offered.

It was a free house in 1882 when Morrells Brewery (who had previously supplied the beer) bought it. When Morrell's Brewery closed in 1998 it became a Greene King pub.